development info - TRAILER 2 BREAKDOWN

Video breakdown by BetaM.

This trailer was made and released much closer to release and contains gameplay closer to final. It was also included in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

  • The trailer contains multiple voicelines that don't appear in the final game, such as Cortex's "Don't touch me!" and "Will this suffering never end?".
  • The camera in Cavern Catastrophe is different.

  • The yellow gem is misplaced out of bounds.
  • This cutscene uses Cortex's demo animation, yet contains natives from the final version's cutscene.
  • The camera is not locked in the airship.
  • Uka's eyes are misplaced.
  • The crate layout is different, with random platforms around the area where the 3 switches are.
  • Slip Slide Icecapades' long rail contains the green gem instead of the crystal.
  • The purple gem is placed above a rock in the second part of the N.Sanity Island hub instead of at the puzzle in the back of the picture.
  • The puzzle in the background grants the red gem instead of the purple gem.
  • Gas pipes do not seem to activate during the character switching cutscene.
    (Although, the player could have entered the cutscene through special means)
  • The lighting of the textures in Boiler Room Doom is different.