development info - TRAILER 1 BREAKDOWN

Video breakdown by BetaM.

This trailer, released on May 25th 2004, was spliced together with early gameplay footage, videos of a later build than that one, and demo footage.
The breakdown focuses on this video alone, so differences covered in the early gameplay footage will be skipped.

  • The game at this point had voice acting, proper sound effects and music - all of which are heard in the video.
  • However, the music made for the trailer was not made by Spiralmouth.
  • The HUD still uses the CNK font, however proper icons were added.
  • Screen centering options were added, as evidenced by the footage shuffling around in position in a frame comparison.
  • Cortex's firing animations are missing facial animations.
N.Sanity Island

  • The beach has more structures than before, but it's still missing many objects.
  • The object layout is much closer to final, however the platform with the gem is missing here.
  • Getting gems doesn't have a HUD animation.
Iceberg Lab

  • Ice Climb has many more objects, however it's still missing wumpa fruit, gems and crates.
  • There is a checkpoint crate right outside Uka's arena.
  • This is likely the only exit from the arena as seen in the early gameplay footage.
  • This appears to be the beginning of Slip Slide Icecapades judging by the open air metal structures in the distance.
  • The chunk seems to turn sharply left, making it unlike any seen in the game.
  • Instead of huge floating machines, the slide switches are big signs with a red target on them.
Academy of Evil

  • This kind of zig-zaggy corridor doesn't exist in Cortex's section of Classroom Chaos in the final game.
  • An early version of Boiler Room Doom was shown, with a different artstyle than final.
  • This part appears to be the beginning of the second-to-last puzzle in the final game.
  • This shot covers a corner pipe catcher, likely in the first valve puzzle.
  • Interestingly, this short part contains the Travellers Tales watermark. It may be connected to the full source of the Gone a Bit Coco footage.
  • Junction corridors appear mid-level instead of just at the start and end.