Video breakdowns by BetaM.

These adverts ran on television around Twinsanity's launch period. They include past celebrities Steve-O and Chris Pontius.
The game footage during the live action segments shows the demo build, while the rest shows a build closer to final,
presumably one close to the Trailer 2 build.

Commercial #1 - Rollerbrawl
  • The camera in Cavern Catastrophe is different.
  • The door in the lab's interior is styled differently, like the hidden away door in the final version's 10th dimension.
    (which opens instantly)

Commercial #2 - Twin Throw

  • Cortex's animation on rails is different.
Commercial #3 - General

  • A more clear shot of Cortex's animation.
  • The gem inside the drill is missing. (It could have been collected though.)
  • Evil Crash has a different trail.