Breakdowns by BetaM.


These videos show a build dated Late February 2004.

  • The HUD is made of Crash Nitro Kart font, which indicates being close to the early gameplay build.
  • In this build, debug features and cutscene skipping are available.
  • The life pickup visual is Aku Aku at this point.
  • The camera is unlocked everywhere except for the Walrus Chase and N.Gin boss fight.
  • Hitting wooden bounce crates changes their visual to the iron bounce crate.
Jungle Bungle

  • The path splits at the worm tutorial cutscene area and to the left is a hole leading to the Bug Run.
  • The transition into the Bug Run's chunk is indicated by the level geometry disappearing around Crash.
  • The Bug Run section contains no objects, only scenery.
  • After the chase area, the section continues into a cave area and then loops back around to a different hole in the vicinity of the worm tutorial cutscene.
Hi Seas Hi-Jinks

  • The opening area of the level includes more scenery like fences, additional water hazards and a wall on the left blocking the view of N.Gin's ship.
  • Shark enemies are seen jumping back and forward over the path into the ship.
  • The penguin inside the ice uses correct textures and its early coloring.
  • The exits behind the starting area look much wider and bigger than in the final game.
  • Entering the ship requires using a TNT barrel, which explodes after a short while.
  • The entrance is also guarded by a Rhino Pirate with a sword, who takes 2 hits to defeat, aswell as a shark.
  • The first chunk includes slippery oil which, much like ice in the final game, needs to be maneuvered around.
  • The second chunk has rats, a scrapped Pirate Duck enemy, and cargo platforms which can be lifted by spinning Boiler Room Doom's blue valves.
  • Pirate Duck's attack consists of him lighting the fuse of a nearby cannon, which shoots a bomb forward from it.
  • Getting near the Pirate Duck alerts it, and it can be then defeated in one hit.
  • Exiting the room requires the use of another TNT barrel.
  • The third area of the level contains the same N.Gin cutscene as final (albeit with no sounds and a different launcher).
  • In the middle path rockets that spew toxic gas pop up as you progress.
  • The Rhino Pirate Barrel Thrower here takes 2 hits to defeat.
  • The way to the fourth chunk is blocked by Nitro crates.
  • In the fourth area the platforms to walk on are thinner.
  • The fifth area mainly contains rats, bounce crates and rockets.
  • In the sixth area, the floor opens much like in the third chunk.
  • In addition, much like in the third area, there's a Rhino Pirate Barrel Thrower here, unlike in the final game.
  • There are Rope Swinging Rhino Pirates here that affect multiple paths.
  • On both sides of the area there are seperate "bonus" chunks which contain rooms full of crates.
  • Entering the next chunk starts the Rusty Walrus chase.
  • Rusty Walrus has trouble following the path.
  • Many of the crates lying around on the sides have Nitro crates in front of them.
  • The first blocking wall is triggered before you even get to it.
  • The second part of the chase is shorter, but the wall at the end works.
  • After the chase, some explosions are shown and you enter a cutscene where Crash jumps on bounce crates.
  • You land on the ship's deck where the cutscene from early on in the level plays again.
  • This boss fight has you spin rockets away and back at N.Gin instead of getting him down from his crow's nest.
  • The camera is locked in place during this fight.
  • After N.Gin is hit once a cutscene plays where a big rocket hits the ship, the game fades out, and then Crash flies out of the ship onto an ice floe using the slide jump animation.
  • The N.Tropy boss intro is not finished, so it's mostly a T-posed cutscene.
  • After N.Brio bounces around, he tilts the platform and spawns multiple Rigid TNT Crates that fall down towards him.
  • The objective there is to either activate a TNT and make it explode at the right time next to Brio, or angle a TNT towards his mouth so that he eats one.
  • The camera does not lock on to the boss.
  • The ice floe that N.Tropy is standing on can tilt, but not fall down.
  • After two hits N.Tropy is defeated and a cutscene plays that softlocks the game.