development info - PRESS KIT VIDEO BREAKDOWN

Video retrieval and breakdown by BetaM.

This video included in the 2004 Vivendi Universal Games Press Kit covers a build that is close to final, yet a few differences can be spotted.
  • The life counter animation is different, and the counter itself is more to the right.
  • Level music isn't muted in the Humiliskate intro.
  • The rail before the second Humiliskate cutscene appears broken.
  • Bees appear under the area where Cortex gets stung by bees.
  • The camera is different in Cavern Catastrophe.
  • There is no sound for sliding and grinding while Humiliskating.
  • No Humiliskate particle effects
  • The extending platform in Boiler Room Doom has different visuals.
  • Colorful particles appear when the Rollerbrawl spawns.
  • Rollerbrawl spawns on the ground instead of in the air.
  • The game doesn't pause on the death fadeout (noticable at 2:44).