Breakdown by BetaM.

This video released in May 2004 includes footage from a build likely between December 2003 and March 2004 aswell as some Travellers Tales watermarked footage.

  • The HUD is made of text using Crash Nitro Kart's font.
  • There are many placeholder sounds, some coming from Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, or earlier Crash games.
  • Crash's spin model has a bigger plain shadow.
  • Wumpa fruit have no shadows.
  • Explosions have different, simple particles.
  • Wumpa suction speed is slower.
  • The Rollerbrawl has no smoke particles.
  • There seem to be no gems or gem puzzles.
  • Humiliskate sometimes has Rollerbrawl particle effects.
  • There are no music or ambience tracks in the footage.
  • Crash's idle animation is missing facial animations.
N.Sanity Island

  • This area, which in the final game is occupied by a few wumpa trees and monkeys, is quite empty.
  • The farm is at ground level, with a pack of Nitro crates sitting in front of it.
  • Cortex's attached crystal doesn't disappear after a throw.
  • Tikimon has an odd spinning animation and does not spawn minions when he's vulnerable.
  • Cortex seems to have a buggy running animation while attached here.
  • Tikimon is missing the dirt pile around him.
  • The object layout in Doc Amok is a bit different than final, missing a nitro detonator and a gem.
  • The spiky hazard has no destruction animation and just pops out of existance on taking damage.
  • Cortex's running animation in Doc Amok is the same as his regular one.
  • No locked camera in the boss arena.
  • No spikes around the arena ring.
  • A stack of crates exists here that was removed later on.
  • More crates that were removed later on.
  • The spiral is missing timed drop platforms.
  • The button on the drill is much smaller.
  • Sword ants appear to be missing.
  • The area contains many more crates of multiple types.
Iceberg Lab

  • The area is missing the surrounding sea.
  • Much of the detail is missing, including trees, rocks, crates and wumpas.
  • The floating ice platform's texture is much brighter.
  • The level is missing snow particle effects.
  • Cortex's switches are consoles that function the same way.
  • Uka Uka's arena appears to be outdoors (still without the surrounding sea).
  • There is only one exit from Uka's arena.
  • Uka's texture is bugged.
  • The switch platforms have metal support beams connected to the main ring.
  • Uka's main button is surrounded by a pit that the player jumps over.
  • Slip Slide Icecapades has many more chunks which are varied more with unused setpieces and structures.
  • There's a lot more different metal structures embedded into the terrain.
  • Slip Slide Icecapades' terrain is a lot more glossy.
  • The level is missing snow particle effects.
  • The first visible frame shows a metal object in a familiar chunk.
  • A pipe sticks out on the right side of the picture in the same chunk.
Gone a Bit Coco

This is the only known footage of the level Gone a Bit Coco.
It doesn't show much besides the supposed starting area of the level.
NOTE: This footage contains a Traveller's Tales watermark.