Video breakdown by BetaM.

These videos play in the game when it's left idle on the title screen.
The NTSC-U video contains many small differences and is likely footage of a near final build.
The PAL video was re-recorded entirely on the final PAL version and contains no differences.
Only some of the NTSC-J gameplay was re-recorded, while the rest uses the NTSC-U footage.
Thus, the breakdown focuses only on the NTSC-U video.

  • The red gem exists where the clear gem is supposed to be instead of near the chicken coup.
  • The clear gem is placed in midair instead of the totem pole further ahead.
  • Sand stepping particles are different.
  • The spikes around Mechabandicoot arena's outer ring are gone.
  • Humiliskate has no particles.
  • Cavern Catastrophe has a different camera.
  • Dingodile's arena is colored differently, grey instead of dark red.
  • Uka Uka's eyes are misplaced.