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A group picture of bosses exists in the Extras folder as "McDonalds01.psm", its texture named "bosscomp":

The Gone A Bit Coco level logo exists in all versions as "Level07.psm":

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The "Test" folder in the "Extras" directory of the PS2 version contains 12 pieces of concept art as some kind of test gallery:

The "Credits" folder in the "Language" directory of the NTSC-U (1.0 and 2.0) PS2 version contains 3 edited concept art pictures,
possibly as placeholders for the credits image (final image is called CreditsNew).


The "AgentLab" text file contains tips that show up on the lower part of the screen during the game, aswell as some other curiosities:

thanks for playing
funny farm
you gotta help me crash!!
they want to dress me in drag!
with pig tails! pig tails dammit!
what did i do to deserve this?
how i envy the simple life of the tribesfolk...
hoog-ga-ba-do-da!! ( ...clap...clap...clap... )
living in harmony with mother nature...
the noble boar,
the humble bee...
argghh!!! the stinging....the pain!!!!! not good...
welcome to my secret hideout...
crash bandicoot!!!!
this time you will not escape me!!!

It also contains some unused tips:

crash can push objects around, try it out!
solve puzzles to earn gems. crash like gems.
how high can you try?
use tractor beam to get 10 energy balls in the hopper
use the left analog stick to drive the ufo

press over an energy ball to use trator beam
to pick it up or drop it

wrestle bowler-monkeys to win a bonus.

chase and shoot down all the flying saucers
before the blast door opens!

normal shots just bounce off those lollipops!
use the charge blast to disarm the teddies

use the left analogue stick to steer the hoverboard
hold r1 to hover higher and slower

give him something to chew on.
use left analog stick to control the hover scooter.
use cortex to clear a path for crash.
use shoulder buttons to strafe sideways.
hit to unleash the chainsaw.
use spin and to super-punch.
sneak into the school and find nina.
race to get to ngin
's battleship before it sets sail.
catch cortex
's runaway airship.
hit the button to open flame vents.
use to punch.
use to perform a hop.
use and to slam greedy worms.
jump on the red button to fire a cannonball
tap to launch missiles.
press and hold to launch a charge blast.
shoot mme. amberley in the back, like a dog.

Various debug and unused text appears in the executable:

Press (JUMP) to skip movie
mcdonalds extras
camera options
meter options
streaming options
C:\Projects\Code\Games\CrashEvolution\PS2\XBOX Release\CrashEvolutionXboxRelease.exe
c:\Projects\Code\Games\CrashEvolution\PS2\XBox Release\CrashEvolutionPS2.pdb

A text file called "LevelSelect.txt" exists in the "StartUp" directory, indicating a possible scrapped development feature:

"nsanity isle and jungle bungle" "" "levels\earth\hub\beach"
"mechabandicoot miniboss" "" "levels\earth\hub\bossarea"
"cavern catastrophe" "" "levels\earth\cavern\cavent"
"totem hokum" "" "levels\earth\docamok\docamok1"
"tiki-head boss" "" "levels\earth\hub\hubd"
"earth to ice transition" "" "levels\earth\hub\pier"

"iceberg lab and ice climb" "" "levels\ice\hub\labext"
"uka uka miniboss" "" "levels\ice\iceclimb\ukafight"
"slip-slide icecapades" "" "levels\ice\slipslide\l05start"
"high-seas hi-jinks" "" "levels\ice\highseas\gpa01"
"henchmania boss" "" "levels\ice\highseas\gpa11"
"ice to school transition" "" "levels\ice\hub\airship"

"academy of evil" "" "levels\school\sch_hub\sch_hub"
"boiler room doom" "" "levels\school\boiler\boiler_1"
"dingodile miniboss" "" "levels\school\boiler\boiler_6"
"crash classroom chaos" "" "levels\school\crash\crashent"
"cortex classroom chaos" "" "levels\school\cortex\cogpa01"
"rooftop rampage" "" "levels\school\rooftop\roof01"
"madame amberley boss" "" "levels\school\madame\amberly"

"twinsanity island hub" "" "levels\altearth\lab\psycho"
"rock slide rumble" "" "levels\altearth\rockslid\l10start"
"bandicoot pursuit" "" "levels\altearth\hub\altdoc"
"ant agony" "" "levels\altearth\core\corea"
"final boss" "" "levels\altearth\core\throne"


Some of the game's scripts remained unused with several community members attempting to make them usable again:

By Smartkin:

By Marko:

By the community:

Several cutscenes also remained unused:

An invisible, controllable hoverboard exists out of bounds at the Mechabandicoot arena:


A lot of ambience tracks, songs, and small sound effects went unused:

Several voicelines remained unused:

Cortex: "Meet me on level B, I have something to show you."
A voiceline in most Iceberg Lab chunks. Most likely a way for Cortex to tease Crash just before the Psychetron, judging by how proud he is of it in the cutscene.

Cortex: "Spin me if you like, but I'll never give up my crystal!"
A voiceline placed in several Cavern Catastrophe chunks.

Cortex: "The doors! Close them! Quickly!"
A voiceline in the ant drill fight chunk in Cavern Catastrophe. Most likely for the end of the drill's first cutscene.

Cortex: "Naughty dog, naughty dog!"
A voiceline in Cavern Catastrophe chunks placed nearby idle animation lines.

Cortex: "Now be careful not to let him spin back the green plasma blast. Three fault hits and we're done for. If only he knew..."
A voiceline in the general localization pack, which contains mostly cutscene audio. Three plasma hits implies that it was used in the Mechabandicoot boss fight at some point.
Filename: DRC033

All of them were localized in the PAL and NTSC-J versions:


On the NTSC-U XBOX version, 14 voicelines exist in the localization pack that were scrapped ambient lines spoken during Cortex's part of Classroom Chaos.
Evil Child: "I shall destroy you. D-E-S-T-O-R-Y. Destroy!"
Filename: EVC254a_1

Evil Child: "*giggle* I shall crush you. C-R-U-S-H. Crush!"
Filename: EVC254a_2

Evil Child: "I shall maim you. M-A-I-M. Maim!"
Filename: EVC254a_3

Evil Child: "I shall annihilate you. A-N-N-I-H-I-L-A-T-E. Annihilate! *giggle*"
Filename: EVC254a_4

Evil Child: "I shall destroy you. D-E-S-T-O-R-Y. Destroy!"
Filename: EVC254b_1

Evil Child: "I shall crush you. C-R-U-S-H. Crush."
Filename: EVC254b_2

Evil Child: "I shall maim you. M-A-I-M."
Filename: EVC254b_3

Evil Child: "I shall annihilate you. A-N-N-I-H-I-L-A-T-E. *giggle*"
Filename: EVC254b_4

Evil Child: "I shall destroy you. D-E-S-T-R-O-Y. Destroy! I shall crush you. C-R-U-S-H. Crush! I shall maim you. M-A-I-M. Maim! I shall annihilate you. A-N-N-I-H-I-L-A-T-E. Annihilate!"
Filename: EVC254c

Evil Child: "I shall destroy you. D-E-S-T-R-O-Y. Destroy!"
Filename: EVC254c_1

Evil Child: "I shall crush you. C-R-U-S-H. Crush!"
Filename: EVC254c_2

Evil Child: "I shall maim you. M-A-I-M. Maim!"
Filename: EVC254c_3

Evil Child: "I shall annihilate you. A-N-N-I-H-I-L-A-T-E. Annihilate!"
Filename: EVC254c_4

Evil Child: "Ow my eyes! Au, argh! Uaaargh!"
Filename: EVC261a

This version also includes an alternate take on the "That isn't enough! All is lost... Unless..." cutscene.

Cortex: "That isn't enough!"
Filename: S_H02f_Psycho_Cortex_03

Cortex: "All is lost!"
Filename: S_H02f_Psycho_Cortex_04

Cortex: "Unless..."
Filename: S_H02f_Psycho_Cortex_05

It also includes most of the demo's voicelines, including a weirdly modified version of the intro to "Unlimited".

Cortex: "(...) from the latest installment, Crash Bandicoot Twi- UNLIMITED. (...)"
Filename: S_PAL_E3_Welcome


A test voiceline in the Crash Tag Team Racing demo depicts an different take on the birthday cutscene, which turns out to lead directly into Mechabandicoot's entrance.

Cortex: "Three years I've spent alone in the frozen antarctic wastes. And I've missed you.
So, I've built something to remember you by! Meet your brand new, hydraulically operated, twin brother, Mecha Bandicoot!"
Filename: crash\demo\game\export\sound\source\character\english\vo\test1.wav