development info - Reveal Screenshots Breakdown

Breakdown by BetaM.

This batch of 6 screenshots was released on the internet at the same time the game was revealed, on March 25th, 2004.
The version shown appears to be between the December 4th 2003 build and the March 9th 2004 one.

  • The raft slide is missing.
  • Spikes on the upper ring of the arena are missing.
  • The camera is unlocked in the boss fight.
  • The previous chunk is visible instead of unloaded.

  • The wumpa counter is displayed in text, using the Crash Nitro Kart font.
  • The path in the background is missing crates.

  • Cavern Catastrophe appears to begin as Crash with Cortex.
  • The crashed hoverboard is missing.

  • Crash and Coco's houses appear to be positioned differently, in an alcove, rather than among trees.
  • There are crates near Crash's house.
  • A monkey and a wumpa tree reside near Crash's house.

  • This part of Totem Hokum's Doc-Amok doesn't appear in the game.
Around March 30th, more screenshots were released:

  • Crates are placed differently, with the Aku Aku crate being before the bridge and some upcoming crates missing.
  • A piranha plant exists before the sliding tutorial.
  • The Shieldbearer Tribesmen appear to be missing from the slide tutorial area.
  • The door style of the lab is the instant opening one instead of the rotating logo type.
  • The gargoyle looks up instead of forward.
  • The floor extends to the gargoyle unlike the final game.
  • Nina lacks a proper shadow.