development info - Guide Screenshots Breakdown

Breakdown by BetaM.

These screenshots were in the official guide, captured on a build close to the Press Kit build:


  • Life crates ingame don't have Twinsanity's mug on them, they have the classic mug instead.
  • Earning a life animated the icon across the screen, like in the old games.
  • The life counter is far off the right side of the screen.
  • Uka's eyes are misplaced.

N.Sanity Island

  • The shortcut cave has some sand around it.
  • The purple gem is on the totem instead of the clear one.
  • It also seems to have replaced the blue and red ones above.
  • The camera in Cavern is different.
  • The platform and elevator textures are much darker. Note: The platforms in the drill chase retain their dark texture in the final game.
  • The crate layout at the end of the drill chase is different.

Iceberg Lab

  • This world checkpoint appears to have no range based activation.
  • After the cutscene, the checkpoint doesn't automatically activate here.
  • This instantly opening door style is different.
  • This checkpoint doesn't exist in the final game.
  • This checkpoint clips through the ground.
  • Rusty's pathing is broken causing him to run into walls and turn around.
  • This checkpoint doesn't exist in the final game.
Academy of Evil

  • Janitors do not exist in the hub in the final game.

  • The extending bridge looks different, with a different model and texture.

  • Hall Monitors have an unusually huge shadow.
  • Carpets are missing.
Twinsanity Island

  • Gem tunnels in Rockslide have way more TNT crates.
  • This checkpoint doesn't exist in the final game.