development info - General Screenshots Breakdown

Breakdown by BetaM.

The following screenshots were released at some point between the game's reveal and E3 2004.
Their builds are mostly between the December 2003 build and the Trailer #2 build.

  • The farm is located on the ground.
  • The camera during the worm minigame is not locked.
  • The timer displays only seconds, is located near the middle of the screen, and is displayed using the old CNK-like font.
  • The camera during wall jump sections isn't locked.
  • There are no snow particles or trails.
  • The path split appears to have had a cutscene.
  • The HUD uses the old CNK-like font.
  • Classrooms have an unlocked camera.
  • There appear to be crates (destroyed in the shot) and wumpa fruit guiding the player out of the room.
  • The corridor appears to have a different layout.
  • The floor in Classroom Chaos has no reflections.
  • This appears to be the demo's hub, although it's missing Cortex in the center.
  • A screenshot of a cut lava based interior.
  • Nina lacks a proper shadow.
  • A screenshot of the old version of Slip Slide Icecapades seen in the old footage with a different camera angle.
  • The native village with a different layout, likely on the other side of the river from where the entrance is.

Finally, some screenshots of unknown origin, submitted to Crash Mania:

  • Cavern Catastrophe starts with Crash alone playable.
  • The crashed hoverboard is missing.
  • Crunch is misplaced and rotated wrong.
  • Tiny is slightly misplaced.
  • The first weathervane appears to be missing.
  • Crash is weirdly posed.