development info - fakenina messages on gone a bit coco

FakeNina was a Crash Twinsanity developer.
Received by Temaz:

Hey Temaz, that sounds like an awesome project!
It's okay, it's not an annoying question. The annoying thing is that just before I left TT we did a build of Gone A Bit Coco and captured video, but the IT guy wiped my harddrive and it was erased.
I don't know if anybody has a copy of the art, it was all sent to Vivendi at the end of the game. I'll ask around and see if anybody has it, but I suspect it might be lost forever.
I'll let you know if I find it, and please feel free to ask if there's anything else I can help with.

Best regards,

Received by NeoKesha:

Hey, NeoKesha!
Thanks for your message, I think your project is amazing! I'm so happy and honoured that people are still exploring and finding things in Twinsanity.
Your project is kind of like archaeology. There must be all kinds of things hidden away on the disc, I can't imagine.
It would be great if we still had all the assets from the game, but of course we were making Twinsanity for Vivendi, and turned over the hard drives to them when the game was done.
I'm sure some of the team have bits and pieces that they were allowed to keep for their portfolios.
I did reply to a message from Temaz about 'Gone a Bit Coco', I thought perhaps that one of the level artists might still have some maya files for his portfolio, but I've not yet been able to get in contact with him.
So yes, it is true that Temaz wrote to me :).
I think the Frogenstein appears in the classrooms during 'Classroom Chaos', but was meant to appear in the corridors too at one time.
There were also children made for the school that looked more 'human' (like Nina), but we had to take them out because Cortex could shoot them!
Anyway, thanks for writing, I'll watch the project with interest. Please don't hesitate to write to me again if you have any questions, or need anything. If I can't answer a question I can probably find somebody who can.

Best regards,

Received by MrShasoft:


Thanks for the video, I haven't seen this for a long time.
Actually, this video shows the first version of 'Gone a Bit Coco', which was later remade by another artist.
You can see the final art on this artist's website:
The video we captured later was from the final version of the level, and showed a playthrough of the whole thing.



What this means:
  • A video of Gone a Bit Coco existed at one point. It wasn't the watermarked one we've seen bits of.
  • The video itself may be lost forever.
  • Gone a Bit Coco may be in the hands of publishers (Activision/Sierra).
  • Frogensteins were indeed supposed to be in corridors.
  • Alternate classmate designs as enemies were cut, because Cortex could shoot them.