development info - Fakenina message on versions

Recieved by Smartkin.
FakeNina was a Crash Twinsanity developer.

There were many early builds of Twinsanity that were made to submit to the publisher. The earliest one was using the Wrath of Cortex engine and models.
They must be on a hard drive somewhere at Activision, but unfortunately none of the team kept any copies.
The earliest version you could see is the Twinsanity/Spyro demo disc that was given away at E3.
The only other game that used the Twinsanity engine was Super Monkey Ball adventure, which used a heavily modified version. (that game was not so successful).
Thanks for your question, and I'm happy that people still want to know about Twinsanity. I have great memories of it.
Thank you!

Note: The "Twinsanity/Spyro demo disc" is not the earliest version seen, as we could see older versions in the old gameplay video.

What this means:
  • Twinsanity was built off of TWoC's engine.
  • Super Monkey Ball Adventure was built off of Twinsanity's engine.
  • Early Twinsanity builds may be in the hands of publishers (Activision/Sierra).