Carried out by Marko. Questions by Marko & BetaM.
Rebecca "Becky" Kneubuhl (RK) was a composer of the Crash Twinsanity soundtrack. Big thanks to her!
Crash Twinsanity Masters was RK's folder for keeping content of her old website. It contains the highest possible quality Twinsanity themes with official names, aswell as FMV music.

RK: no clue. could be #8 never existed, could be it got cut, more likely we just didn't upload it. we don't have them lying around anymore - sorry. :(
RK: i actually don't know why the classroom chaos track wasn't used. that's my personal favorite! :)
RK: we didn't have anything to do with that trailer. i don't know who made it, but it does sound like there are a few seconds of one of the spiralmouth tracks that they cut in around :25-30 seconds.
RK: whoa i don't even remember doing that! ha! that sounds like some kind of track that was supposed to be for someplace weird but didn't get used. i don't think there are other tracks that didn't get used - we didn't get a lot of notes back from producers asking us to change stuff (which is very rare - usually composers will get notes and requests for changes and different versions the whole way thru the dev cycle, but crash was very different to work on.)
  • Why Boiler Room Doom (1) from the soundtrack (Native Chase in the XBOX version) wasn't used and if it was used for Gone a Bit Coco
RK: that's another one of my favorites. my guess is the producers wanted something less frenetic instead. it definitely wasn't made for that level - i don't remember ever seeing that concept art, so it wasn't something we were working from.
RK: omg some of these tracks sound so crazy now... that was definitely supposed to be for ice climb. that's why there's a crazy guy screaming "hi-dee-ho" - like a deranged mountain climber guy in the alps. a lot of these tracks we were just sitting around a microphone being weird - we were given very general descriptions of the levels, sometimes rough concept art, sometimes just a conversation with the producers in terms of what was supposed to be happening. it was a pretty loose process at the time. ;)
RK: i think this was originally supposed to be a space chase level of some kind - that's why we did the blue danube waltz, it's an arrangement of the strauss piece used in 2001 a space odyssey. as i mentioned earlier, it was a loose process. we were given some basic instructions and guidance for the different levels (which changed sometimes as the game was developed), and then just kinda did our thing. the exec producer at the time thought it was all really wacky and funny, and nothing ever seemed to be too weird or over the top, so we just kept going. it was really fun to work on.
RK: we loved working on spyro. one of the best projects we've ever done, to this day. great people on that team!!

What this means:
  • FMV #8 is still a mystery.
  • Universal hired a third party to make the E3 trailer music.
  • Gone a Bit Coco never had music made for it.
  • The Flying Saucer Chase level existed in some form and was deep enough in development to warrant a music theme.