PRE-RELEASE INFO - Reveal Screenshots Breakdown

Breakdown by BetaM.

This batch of 6 screenshots was released on the internet at the same time the game was revealed, on March 25th, 2004:

  • The raft slide is missing.
  • Spikes on the upper ring of the arena are missing.
  • The camera is unlocked in the boss fight.
  • The previous chunk is visible instead of unloaded.

  • The wumpa counter is displayed in text, using the Crash Nitro Kart font.
  • The path in the background is missing crates.

  • Cavern Catastrophe appears to begin as Crash with Cortex.
  • The crashed hoverboard is missing.

  • Crash and Coco's houses appear to be positioned differently, in an alcove, rather than among trees.
  • There are crates near Crash's house.
  • A monkey and a wumpa tree reside near Crash's house.

  • This part of Totem Hokum's Doc-Amok doesn't appear in the game.
Soon after, 2 more screenshots were released:

  • Crates are placed differently, with the Aku Aku crate being before the bridge and some upcoming crates missing.
  • A piranha plant exists before the sliding tutorial.
  • The Shieldbearer Tribesmen appear to be missing from the slide tutorial area.
  • The door style of the lab is the instant opening one instead of the rotating logo type.