Resources - file extraction


Thanks to the efforts of LXShadow and NeoKesha, anyone can take a look inside Twinsanity with these tools.

Included in the pack are:
  • An extractor for BD + BH files (for CRASH.BD)
  • A model extractor for RM2 files
  • A model viewer for the extracted model files
The usage instructions for each of the tools are included in the pack.

MUSIC.MB / AMERICAN.MB / Sounds in RM2 files (PS2)

These files can be scanned for sounds using PSound or FastElbJa's ADPCM Player (only MB files).


These sound archives can be extracted using EkszBox-ABX and played back using an xadpcm compatible player.

Textures in RMX/SMX files (XBOX)

TextureFinder can be used to view textures in chunks.

Sounds in RMX files (XBOX)

Use the Twinsanity Editor and extract the sound description(s) from the chunk.
Next, import the individual sound descriptions as raw data in Audacity. (default settings)