Resources - Spoiler-free Walkthrough

Guide by BetaM.

Hub 1 - Level 1
  1. Go towards the jungle, near the cannon.
  2. Continue following the path and enter the cave.
  3. After exiting the cave, go right at the wall painting.
  4. Bodyslam the worm, then jump on him to reach the higher area.
  5. Activate the detonators by spinning them or jumping on them and walk across on the fallen trees.
  6. Continue following the path.

Boss 1
  1. Run away from the target and spin the big green plasma when shot.
  2. Jump on the fallen debris to reach the upper part of the arena.
  3. Jump over and run away from the attacks and spin the plasma when shot.

Hub 1 - Level 2
  1. Roll forward until an open area.
  2. Roll to the right and follow the wooden platforms to progress.
  3. Upon reaching a junction pick any path, the left side is safe and contains a gem and extra lives.
  4. On the next junction, the right side is safer, and contains a gem.
  5. Roll onto elevators to progress.
  6. Roll into the 3 crystals in the order Red -> Yellow -> Green in a row to continue.
  7. Roll to the left towards waterwheels.
  8. Keep falling down to reach the next checkpoint.
  9. Bodyslam all buttons on each of the 4 sides of the drill.
  10. Spin Cortex and go towards the elevator the opposite of the checkpoint inside the totem.
  11. Spin the elevator with Cortex to go up.
  12. Throw Cortex towards the switch by either pressing the jump and crouch or the spin and crouch buttons back-to-back.
  13. Jump on the extended platforms, spin Cortex and go to the other side where the checkpoint and elevator is.
  14. Spin the elevator with Cortex to go up then follow the path.
  15. After reaching the set of crystals spin into the first two (Red, then Yellow) with Cortex, then throw him towards the Green one.
  16. Spin the elevators with Cortex to go up and hit the sets of crystals on the way up. The order is the same: Red -> Yellow -> Green.
  17. Twin Slam into the locked crates and continue forward.
  18. Spin the green switch crate to blow up the wall of nitro crates.
  19. Activate detonators to blow up nitro crates and exit the cave.

Hub 1 - Level 3
  1. Go up the slope and enter the cave.
  2. Activate the detonator and TNTs in order to progress through the cave. Time doublejumps accordingly.
  3. Walk towards Cortex.
  4. Activate the detonator and proceed across the fallen tree.
  5. Spin the switch crate, then cross the gap and jump on the mantrap to deactivate it.
  6. Go down in the path split and follow it.
  7. Jump on the grey platform to raise the weight in the background, then wait until Cortex has passed under it.
  8. Spin the pillar under the spiky hazard to bring it down.
  9. Spin the wooden switch to activate the bridge.
  10. Activate the detonator and wait until Cortex opens the gate to continue.
  11. Continue following the path while deactivating traps like previously.
  12. Jump on wooden spiky hazards twice to deactivate them.
  13. After the section is over, enter the cave and continue through to the next area.
  14. Time jumps across gaps and crouch in areas with plants around them to avoid getting spotted.
  15. In the third section, crouching inside the boat will also prevent Crash from getting spotted.
  16. In the fourth section crouching behind wooden fenced will hide Crash.
  17. Fall down onto the beach and then proceed up using boosts from jumping on mantraps.
  18. Enter the village.
  19. Bodyslam the worm and follow him all the way until the top where Cortex is.
  20. After the second time, the worm goes to an area across the river.
  21. Immediately after the area above some natives, the worm will cross the river again, to the area with boars.
  22. After the area with boars, the worm will finally reach Cortex.
  23. Jump on the worm to reach the crystal above Cortex. If a cutscene doesn't play, try again.
  24. Walk towards the screen to escape the natives.
  25. The center is the safest place to be on the fallen tree bridge, however there's a single gap at the end of it.
  26. After the chase ends, enter the cave.
  27. Activate detonators and TNTs to progress through the cave.
  28. After leaving the cave walk towards the farm.
  29. Spin Cortex and walk towards the worm holes.
  30. Twin Slam Cortex into worms to progress.
  31. Climb the Wumpa trees, spin Cortex and continue towards the tiki statue.

Boss 2
  1. Make sure Cortex is with Crash at all times while avoiding attacks.
  2. Continuously walk sideways, far away from the center to avoid all attacks.
  3. When the boss opens his mouth, get a bit closer to the center and throw Cortex into it, then spin the minions.

Hub 2 - Level 1
  1. Continue towards the cliff, not back towards the farm.
  2. Carefully jump down to lower platforms then to the beach.
  3. Jump on the boat to enter the next hub.
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