Resources - Gem Guide

Guide by BetaM.

  • Gems are not required to see the game's true ending.
  • Gems only need to be collected once, they don't respawn or disappear from the menu upon death.
  • You can backtrack to most levels, however after you reach the 4th hub, you can't go back to the previous ones until the game is beaten.
  • All gems can be acquired after beating the game, and all collected gems stay that way after the credits.

N.Sanity Island Jungle Bungle Cavern Catastrophe Totem Hokum
Iceberg Lab Ice Climb Slip Slide Icecapades Hi-Seas Hijinks
Academy of Evil Boiler Room Doom Classroom Chaos Rooftop Rampage
Twinsanity Island Rockslide Rumble Bandicoot Pursuit Ant Agony