Characters - Crash Bandicoot

Crash (ingame) Crash (in concept art) Crash Bandicoot is one of the main protagonists in the game. He is a mutated animal created by Neo Cortex.
In Twinsanity, he is portrayed as a mute and often stupid marsupial, who teams up with his creator to defeat the Evil Twins.

Official bio
Crash was an ordinary bandicoot whose life was forever changed in a failed experiment performed upon him by the evil Dr. cortex. He would be happy to spend his days basking in the warm sun, but adventure will not leave him alone.
Walk/Run - Left Analog Stick
Spin - Square Button
Jump - X Button
Double Jump - X + X Button
Crouch - Circle Button
Crawl - Circle Button + Left Analog Stick
Body Slam - X Button + Circle Button
Jump Spin - X Button + Square Button
Knee Slide - Left Analog Stick + Circle Button
Slide Jump - Left Analog Stick + Circle Button + X Button

In addition, Crash had more solo moves:
  • Spin Punching (unused, Demo only)
  • Scissor Kicking (unused, GDC only)
  • Kicking (unused)
  • Hanging onto ledges (unused, GDC only)
He can also team up with Cortex in various ways:
  • Crash + Cortex (regular), allowing for Twin Spins, Twin Throws and Twin Slams
  • Crash + Cortex in a pipe
  • Rollerbrawl (Crash and Cortex fighting each other while rolling as a ball), with Spanking when idle
  • Humiliskate (Crash riding Cortex like a snowboard)
Crash can pull off longer jumps through the use of a glitch commonly called longjump.
To do it, simply slidejump. The next jump off of an edge will be longer (provided you don't jump before you reach the edge).

In Twinsanity, Crash defeats Cortex, Mechabandicoot (controlled by N.Gin), N.Gin, N.Brio, N.Tropy, Dingodile, and cooperates with Nina and Neo Cortex to defeat the Evil Twins.